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Frequently Asked Questions




What type of images can you display?
Our trucks display images in a JPEG format.



Can you display different images on all three screens?
Yes we can.  Our switching systems allows us to match all three screens or play different content (i.e. video and images) on different screens depending on your needs and requirements.



Can you play video files?
Yes, we can play most all video formats.



Can you play movies, live feeds or something on TV?
Yes, our truck have state of the art satellite system and video processing modules to allow us to play most any live feed that’s available.



Can you play 2 different videos, one video per side at a time?
Yes, we can play 2 separate videos, 1 on each side of the truck simultaneously. 



Can you see the screens during the daytime?
Yes the LED screens are just as bright as the digital road signs you see on the highway’s Please see our videos showing the trucks in action during the day. 



How much does it cost?
Traditional media advertising can be very expensive however Motion-Media trucks with our state-of-the-art LED screens can design a program to fit every budget.  Click here to contact us.



Is there sounds?




Yes, there is a high quality sound system that is external to the truck, so you will hear all your audio from your video file.